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Applique triangles, small, jeans dark

Applique triangles, small, jeans dark

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Sales unit: Card
Quantity:2 pieces
Colour: Denim dark
Dimensions: 25 mm x 35 mm
Material composition: 100% polyester
SAP-Material No.: 19252820
  • To iron-on
  •  Ideal for adorning clothing, bags and accessories
  •  Sustainable: a new appearance for old favourite pieces

Product information

Prym's appliqués impress due to their multifaceted designs and are ideal for adorning clothing, bags and accessories, repairing holes, or even for traffic safety in reflective form. To iron-on, to stick-on or to sew-on – they are highly versatile. In particular, the funny and cute motifs for children's clothing embellish torn trousers or sleeves. Anyone who fancies a laid-back style can also find a large selection of appliqués for adorning old and also new jeans here. Whether it’s romantic, exclusive or modern; whether it's flowers or butterflies: The numerous motives let your creativity run free. Appliqués also help with a more sustainable lifestyle: They give old favourite pieces not only a new appearance, but a longer life, so that they are not thrown away as quickly.
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