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Bag handle loops Clara

Bag handle loops Clara

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Colour: Beige, brown
Sales unit: Card
Quantity: 2 pieces
Dimensions:45 cm
Material composition: Polyester imitation leather
SAP-Material No.: 16151750
  • Bag handles with beige fabric sheath
  •  Heart-shaped patches
  •  Pre-punched holes for sewing
  •  Ideal for traditional dress and Oktoberfest aficionados

Product information

The Clara bag handle offers creative additions to self-made bags, since the handles are covered with a beige fabric, making them look exceptionally elegant. Stability is enhanced using a cotton core inside the bag handle. Patches for sewing onto bags are designed in a dark-brown colour with synthetic leather and shaped into a heart – a striking decorative element for any self-sewn bag, which will immediately get your creative juices flowing for attractive bags for your next Oktoberfest appearance! The pre-punched holes on the patches make it easy to evenly sew on the bag handles onto the bag. The package contains two bag handles.
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