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YKK Closed Ended Invisible 60cm Zip - SHADE CARD Z to AD

YKK Closed Ended Invisible 60cm Zip - SHADE CARD Z to AD

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DIMENSIONS: 60cm in length, chain size 2cc



MATERIAL COMPOSITION: Polyester and metal


Washing: When exposing the zippers to washing or related processing, close each zipper in order to lessen the pressure or damage that can result in performance deficiency.

Ironing: When ironing the zippers or the cloth to which they belong, please do so with the zippers closed under less than 130°C.

Pressing with a damp cloth is also recommended.


The YKK CONCEAL® Invisible Closed-Ended Zipper is a discreet fastening solution that seamlessly blends into garments, offering a polished look. Ideal for dresses, skirts, tops, tailored pieces, eveningwear, and bridal gowns.


Use of Sewing Machine Guide from YKK is recommended.

Operating force of the zipper will increase when the stitching is close to the elements.

Be informed that breakage or puncture could take place when sewing on cloth whose thickness varies dynamically such as the overlapped cloth at the edge.

When sewing on cloth with rough fiber structure or cloth composed of long-coated yarns such as Mohair fiber, please avoid getting the cloth tangled into the machine by giving slightly long intervals between stitches or by other possible methods.

This item is not recommended for backpack, luggage and marine applications.


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